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Bunny Business is an adventure shop game about travelling around the galaxy in your magical 'Ice cream Truck - Space Ship'.  Look for your friends, to bring them together for a big reunion party, and at the same time earn new friends as you go. On your journey you will get help from your Mama Bunny, as well as people you meet. How you deal with them is up to you.

Collect ingredients to feed Mama Bunny to create Raboids! Sell them to lots of people on different planets. As you travel, and find your way trough the galaxy, you can complete quests to get new ingredients. Consequently,  creating new types of Raboids, which you can sell for more! Perhaps there are other ways to use and create more of these mysterious creatures. They seem to be in high demand... and who really is Mama Bunny??

Bunny Business is currently in development and will likely be released late June 2019.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and click BunnyBusiness.exe

Note: The current version of the game is meant to played with a controller. 

Keyboard controls are in the game, but are not shown.

  • W,A,S,D - Move Around
  • Arrow keys - Move camera
  • I - Open phone - prompted by (Y)
  • J - Use tool - prompted by (X)
  • K - Interact- prompted by (A) 
  • L - Reverse - prompted by (B)
  • Q, E - Change tool - prompted by [LB] and [RB]
  • Z, X - [RT] and [LT] on controller (only used in once in the game)


Bunny Business Beta v0.4.1c.zip 88 MB


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Great game ^^ found some bugs like when  tried to check the home planet the game just crashed and at the end I'm not really sure what I did but she became fast as f*** haha but anyway, didn't play all of the game in the video but I'll surely play it when I have time

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Thanks a lot for trying out our game! We’ll fix the bug asap.

We’ll be adding saving to the game soon! Sorry for not having it in yet, but it should be in the next update.


Awesome game guys! Couldn't find the second planet but I love the idea and graphics. Here is a video I made of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOHrCrfCQ0Y&feature=youtu.be


Thanks a lot for playing our game!
I see, any feedback is most appreciated. Thanks for letting us know! :D